We plan & design physical constructs that help bridge urban and rural cultures. Bodhi integrates all physical and environmental constructs in a symbiotic relationship that is both beautiful and functional. Our design centers around our client's quality of life and vision. 

Farm Design and Installation

Professional + Permanence

20+ years of broad-acre permaculture does not go without its many lessons learned.  Equally, our professional expertise as engineers, architects, builders, and equipment operators ensure your infrastructure investments are sound, your regulatory and permitting environment is well navigated, and a financially solvent agriculture enterprises support your goals. As students of Keyline-based design and Holistic Planned Grazing, our team can efficiently integrate farm and land layout with regenerative livestock systems, no-till organic crop production, and appropriate agroforestry models that match your context.  


We provide regenerative agriculture and architecture consulting to help our clients expand their toolbox and work towards their holistic goals. Our modest fee structure provides professional expertise and practical experience that is affordable.