About Bodhi

We are seeking to reimagine existing paradigms for community development, land management and engineering. We are not afraid to take risks to advance these visionary goals, while maintaining a commitment to integrity and authenticity in our services. We work to extend ecology and agriculture to regenerative both ecosytem function and human spirit.

What we want to do:

  • Provide high-quality, design and development directly linked to resilient support systems (food, water).
  • Educate and train people on alternative land management techniques rooted in regenerative agriculture and forestry practices, holistically-managed livestock operations, and a “less is more” approach that relies more on tools of rest, grazing, and human creativity than technology and continual off-farm inputs.
  • Help reconnect the urban/rural divide through rural land investment that supports agrarian businesses, preserves working or undeveloped farmlands, and creates places for agro/eco-toursims, education, and connection.

Why Bodhi

BODHI means "enlightenment". Although we don't claim to be awakened beings, we strongly acknowledge the influence that our physical environment, food and water consumption, and sources of energy contribute to our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. As such, we provide coordinated design and consulting services for Food / Water / Shelter that is rooted in an understanding of how to manage complex systems. This approach is contrary to the complicated, technocratic, and reductionist paradigm that dominates the engineering and agriculture fields today. Our society could benefit from a different perspective, so we start with root cause problem solving (versus short-term symptom based solutions), operate with an expanded "toolbox" that doesn't always favor new technology. We are not reinventing the wheel -- just trying to reimplement the wisdom and human-environment relationships that proved successful for ages past.